Naked Bicycling!

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Yes, you read that correctly ‘Naked Bicycling’! But, I would just like to state that’s not what I do!

Here is the video of free-spirited individuals who decided to take part in a ride a few months ago in downtown Madison, WI. I didn’t see it personally, but a friend of ours did and shared their experience in detail with us.

All that being said I want to share all the great health benefits to biking that not only have I been experienced, but found through research as well. My husband and I got into biking seriously late in the summer last year. We have fallen in love with it. We have discovered that it’s not just great exercise, but also a good way for us to spend time together enjoying the outdoors.

Let’s look at just some of the health benefits to getting into biking.

•    Mental health and lowers stress levels


•    Good for heart health


•    Burns calories and tones the whole body


•    Gentler on your joints than running


•    Boosts your energy


With all that said, let us not forget how much fun it is to get outside and take in the sun!

Of course, my husband and I have talked about how we will never be into racing or anything like that. We are going at our own pace and enjoying the time and active together. And this is my hope for you that you go at your own pace. Where you will get to experience the wonderful health benefits to biking for many years to come.

Happy Biking to each and every one of you!



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