Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga



You want to give yoga class a try, but what style is right for you? There are many styles, so it’s best to research each one to learn a little about them. Here we are going to learn about a little about Hatha Yoga.

A little history first: Yoga began in India about 5000 years ago and is considered one of the oldest exercises throughout the world. Yoga is a whole body and mind exercise and can be beneficial for all ages.

Yoga is not a religion as most people think, but an opportunity to become conscious of your body. It is a body, mind, experience more than another religious experience and can fit with all religions. Before starting your yoga practice, you should be very aware of your own religious beliefs.

Hatha is a gentle, slow movement style of yoga that takes you into each pose creating balance within the body. It helps the body to cultivate strength and flexibility as you hold each pose. As you practice yoga, each pose is also helping energy to flow through your spine. Pairing the yoga poses and your breathing will bring you into a conscious presents with your body.
Through proper alignment with each pose, you will renew and invigorate yourself to be able to bring overall health to your body. With each deep breath you take will bring calmness, leading to the release of toxins within your body. Altogether, proper alignment and deep breathing will contribute to whole body health.

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