Finding Perfectly Fitting Jeans Isn’t Hard At All! 


My Finished Jeans!





Have you ever finally found a perfect pair of jeans that you look and feel amazing in? Then, in a few months, you go back to the store to buy another pair only to find them sold out or no longer available? The frustration quickly sets in because you’re back to searching for yet another perfect pair.

You feel ‘Ugh, no! Not AGAIN.’

Well, I am here to let you know that you are not alone. I am hearing frustrated women from all age groups, sizes and shapes feeling the same way. In fact, I have been there so many times myself.

It is time to put a stop to this frustration. Yes, I said “STOP” the insanity of jean shopping. I just did it! My secret? I made these jeans myself using Angela Wolf’s jean pattern!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘I couldn’t do that because it’s too hard’. Well, that’s not true because they were rather easy. If you don’t sew, you may consider having someone, such as a tailor like myself, make them to perfectly fit your body.

The first step was to take all the measurements you will use to determine the size and compare them with the pattern’s finished garment measurements, which you will find on the back of the pattern booklet. There is also a note by Angela with a few suggestions for choosing the correct pattern size to ensure you have a great fitting pair of jeans when finished.


To get the perfect fit for my new jeans, I measured a pair of my favorite store bought jeans. The jeans I chose fit me really well. (Of course, not completely perfect but close nonetheless.) I like where they hit my hips and I felt the waist could sit a bit higher in the back since “plumber’s crack” isn’t overly attractive.

I used both my own body and the store bought jeans to take measurements for determining the correct pattern size. It took a total of 15 minutes! Then, I was ready to read through the guide booklet of directions. The booklet was filled with step-by-step instructions, which would be very helpful for a beginner sewer. To be honest, with many years of sewing clothing experience under my belt, I pretty much skimmed them until I started the sewing process.


Now, I was ready to cut out the pattern pieces. I know this all sounds like it took me hours, but I can honestly say it didn’t. If it had taken hours, my attention would have been out the door. (I love to sew, but this preparation is not usually my favorite part of getting a finished garment that I will love.)

As I got started, I needed to make a few personal decisions on how I wanted my jeans to look. I choose to use red thread for all my topstitching, but you choose the color that you like. This is where you make your garment personal to you! I totally love this part of sewing my own clothes. Very quickly after starting to sew my jeans, it wasn’t long before they took shape and the excitement set into finishing them.

Jeans back pocket

Jeans back pocket



Before waist band was attached.

Before waist band was attached.

Now that I have had the opportunity to wear my new jeans not once but a couple of times, I can say I am very happy with the finished garment! I like how they fit my curves and especially where the waist hits me.

However, with that being said, I am not so happy with the fabric I chose. When I purchased it in late December with hopes of making jeans at some point this year, I liked the feel of the fabric. Now, I feel it might have too much stretch in it for my taste. So far, they don’t seem to be stretching all that much but I wonder about after some more wears and washes if they will. My advice on choosing the denim is to think about what you like ahead of purchasing the fabric. Take time to pull on the fabric in the store. (I know everyone is different with their own tastes on how they want the fabric they wear to feel. So, this is just a suggestion!)

Side View of Jeans

Front of Jeans


To bring you up to date on other projects I have been working on as of late, the big one has been redesigning 1960’s vintage bridesmaid dresses. I can say they are finished with a very happy bride to be, along with happy bridesmaids. The wedding is at the end of July, which is in a week or so.  I will be sharing more information about how I went about transforming them, as well photos in the next few weeks.

As I step into this new adventure of combining my writing and designing clothing, I will be sharing a weekly update of my designs and the sewing process, along with other fashion information. So stay tuned for tips, techniques, and much more coming!

Happy Sewing!


Business Card

Business Card





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      Thank you, Linda! It’s due a big part to your encouragement!

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