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Closet Clean Out Has Happened!

Discarded pile of clothes!

Discarded pile of clothes!


Yay…It’s finally done! I have cleaned out my closet.


I don’t know if anyone can relate to this, but it’s so easy to put off cleaning out a closet, a drawer or anywhere else that needs cleaning. Well, that is what somewhat happened in the last few weeks. Not to mention, we had Labor Day weekend in there which was also my husband & my anniversary. That was followed by a mini vacation to beautiful Door County for relaxation and cycling!

Beautiful Door County, WI

However, with all that said it’s now full steam ahead on the rebuilding of my wardrobe. I have taken some time to make a fabric stash notebook, which will go shopping with me. Knowing what you have and what you want to make or purchase will help make wise choice and not waste money with items you really are not going to wear.


While on our mini vacation we took one day off of cycling to shop. They have some great little boutiques to look throughout Door County. I didn’t find any pieces that really jumped off the rack at me, but I did take notice of details that are big right now as well as pieces that may work in my new wardrobe. Here is an idea that I have begun to use, we all have phones that can take photos. So, if you see a piece of clothing that you like but it’s not jumping off the rack at you take a photo of it. I find this not only helps me as I am sewing to put in a touch of designer detail, but it really helps me start to look at what my style currently is. Remember, our tastes in clothing and styles are always changing.



Here is my current sewing project on the machine. It is a soft bamboo striped knit top that I will be using Grainline’s Lark pattern. I am excited to start sewing since I cut this top out before going on our vacation. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see it as I finish it this week and start another.


I am also pattern testing a pair of men’s cycling leggings for another indie pattern company. I will be sharing those in the coming blog as well as with Instagram photos. Keep an eye out for those. Maybe I can even get my husband to model them for a photo!


Happy Sewing,