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Pack Your Bags, You’re Going On A Trip With Me!

Not My Closet, But Close!

Not My Closet, But Close!


Yes…! It’s true you’re going on a trip with me!


The trip you’re going on with me is to rebuild my wardrobe. Let me give you a little background on my wardrobe: I haven’t done much with it up until about a year and a half ago. Yes, I just let it go. I guess I was so busy with other stuff in life, which I know we can all relate to. However, it has really come to my attention that it needs help and I will be sharing with each of you what I sew or purchase to build my wardrobe. While doing so, I hope to inspire each of you to take a look at your own wardrobe. I look forward to helping in any way that I can. Let’s start at square one on this process.


At this point of the season, I don’t know about you, but I am beginning to hate almost everything in my closet. I have only added a few pieces this season, which is due to a busy schedule and our Wisconsin summer weather being so hot. A few years ago, I did clean through my closet. At that time, I took out about 4 to 5 garbage bags of clothes that I shouldn’t have kept around this long. I loved the clean feeling and thought I would quickly replace them. That did not happen and so now, I am in dire need of rebuilding my closet – not only clothes for when I’m not working, but for my professional life as well.


My first step is going through my closet in the next few days again. This time, I’ll get rid of the items I thought I may wear but haven’t or the clothing that is in rough shape. Then I will decide what I will keep, I’ll ask myself questions like “what still fits well and looks great on me?” and “what do I still love and wear regularly?”


Then, I will be making notes, collecting photos and making sketches in my special notebook that I just picked up at Target. I will start planning out what I will need first. I really love having basic, classic styles in neutral colors. From there, I’ll add a few fun colorful items that will make my classic styles pop!

First New Item For My Wardrobe! Kimono Rayon Jacket, New Look 6438.

First New Item For My Wardrobe! Kimono Rayon Jacket, New Look 6438.

As you know, I love to design and sew clothing, so I will most likely be making a lot of my new pieces. Some items will be bought, but I can’t wait to have unique pieces in my wardrobe that I made myself. I will be doing weekly blogs about this process. For more up-to-date photos and information, please follow me over on Instagram! (There is a link in the sidebar to make it easy to find.) Additionally, you could also sign up for my newsletter that will be starting in September again.


I am excited to be sharing this trip with you! Let’s go on a fashion adventure!


Side note: I want to let you know that I have not forgotten to share the redesigned bridesmaid dresses with all of you. I just heard from the bride and groom this week that the photos should be coming very soon. I look forward to sharing them with all of you as soon as I get them!

Happy Sewing!