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Happy Belated New Year to You!



Bonjour, Fashion Lovers!


Happy belated New Year to each of you! I’m sorry this is coming to you late, but last month right before Christmas, I had surgery, which kind of put my life on hold for a time. However, I am on the mend and doing much better each day. I am in fact almost back to my life as normal, which feels great!

With the extra time on my hands, I have had some time to think and plan for 2017. First, though, I would like to review some of my wins from 2016. Then from there, give you my sewing goals that I will be sharing with you here throughout 2017 and much, much more coming 2017!

IMG_15232016 started as I was leaving on a 10-day vacation with my husband and some dear friends of ours. This trip gave me back my creative mojo, which we all need from time to time to reconnect with that part of us. Once back from our trip, I was back to working and teaching both sewing and yoga classes full time.


In late February, I was asked to redesign three vintage bridesmaid dresses. This started months of sketching some ideas, taking apart, re-beading as needed and fittings all before the July wedding. Although stressful and at times wondering what I had gotten myself into, they also assisted me in much growth. There was nothing so exciting to see the smile on the bride not only the day I delivered them but the day of her wedding as well! It was such a pleasure to make her and her husband’s day special!

During the fall of 2016, I started to clean out my own closet and then moved onto designing and sewing new clothes for myself. I have decided to continue that this year and blog about some of the techniques I used along with where I get the inspiration for the designs! I have sketched some ideas and am working on making the patterns for them. Yes, I am pulling out my pattern making skills that I learned many years ago.

Right before Christmas, I finished a few items that I still need to share with you quick before I move onto my sewing goals for 2017!


Here is a photo of the royal blue wool jacket I started late in the Spring of 2016. However, due to the weather turning so hot rather quickly, I placed it in my studio closet to finish later. Well, “later” came about late October as life got busy with clients items. I have been enjoying wearing the jacket, but have still not sewn on the buttons and snaps to hold it closed. I simply tie the jacket and am wondering if I really do what to add them. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it: to sew them on or not to sew them on?

IMG_2774The next one is a knit top I made using the Lark Tee by Grainline pattern. I have been wearing this a great deal through my recovery due not only is the 100% bamboo fabric so soft, but the fit is loose and comfortable. I wanted more of a scope neckline, but I do feel I gave it too much. Next time I make this pattern, I think I will be using a different neckline – maybe the boat-style neckline.


I also quickly copied making a pattern for lounge pants during early December. They turned out okay, but if I make them again, they will need some tweaking.

Now onto 2017!

I am so excited about this year and the great things it is going to hold for each one of us!

Even though I have designed and sewn many items from wedding gowns to women’s suits to quilts, I still feel there are techniques that I need to work on and improve. So, this year that is what I have decided to work on and share with my readers as I share my projects here:

  • Dusting off my pattern making skills. This means I will be taking my sketches and turning them into clothing to wear.
  • Work on my welt pockets and buttonholes. Even though I know how to make a welt pocket, they are not usually that nice looking.
  • Learn new techniques to copy clothing for both clients and myself. I know I have a few clothes in my wardrobe that I love and want more of them.
  • Learn new techniques to perfect my tailoring skills. Tailoring is a dying art and I would like to keep it going.

These are just a few of my goals and plans for the blog for the upcoming year of 2017! I will be sharing more of them as time goes on, so please keep checking back. I would enjoy hearing what your goals and plans are to make this a great year as well!


Happy Sewing!





This is Cool! I Could Not Wait to Share It With You.

BurdaStyle Pattern #106

BurdaStyle Pattern #106


I just downloaded my first pattern and then printed it out to piece together. It also comes with instructions on putting together even though it is an easy pattern in the first place. It has been so much fun getting back into sewing and learning all these new skill to pair with old skills that have been with me for years.


IMG_0898       IMG_0896


So, here is a photo of the pattern. It is a BurdaStyle that I totally fell in love with the first time I saw it. To be honest, I looked at it a number of times before clicking the button to purchase it. It was just a little scary on one hand, yet exciting to take a step into the unknown for me. I found a YouTube to assist me in understanding how to piece it all together.

In case you have never had the experience of a downloadable pattern here is a little overview for you. This is what the stack of pieces look like when they come off the printer.

There are notches and numbers that correspond together. This will give you an idea what sides go together. One sheet you trim the paper back to the printed line while the other you leave. Line up the trim paper to the other sheet’s line and tape.

Here is part of the pieces taped together. Yes, it takes some time but it is worth it in the long run. I can see downloading more patterns from all the different pattern companies in the future. I will be starting this project soon and will share the finished blouse for all of you to see.


I hope you found this helpful! If you have questions or comments, always feel free to leave them here. I will respond as soon as possible.

Happy Summer Sewing to all of you!