Benefits Of Rebounding


What is rebounding? Will it really help me get healthy and lose weight?

The Rebounder is a low impact cardio workout, which makes it gentle on your joints. The research that has been done on the Rebounder has shown that it is twice as effective as treadmill running for weight control. Rebounding has shown to produce fewer injuries than cycling, jogging and running.

These mini trampolines became popular in the 1980’s, when NASA conducted a study with Astronauts coming back from space. The study was to see what the benefits were to aid in bringing back their bone and muscle mass. This study showed that the Rebounder could exercise the whole body without putting excess pressure on the legs.

Rebounding or mini trampoline detoxifies and gives great benefits to the immune system. It also increases the lymph system, which carries nutrients to all cells. The lymph system needs movement to function correctly.

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