Aromatherapy and Weight Loss

Weight loss is a big topic these days with around 34.9 percent of adults being overweight, according to the Journal of American Medicine. It’s hard to even turn on the TV and not see another product or program for weight loss.

There are no ‘quick fixes’ that will keep the weight off. Yes, you may lose some of the weight right at first, but most don’t keep it off long term. There needs to be a lifestyle change for the weight to stay off.

By addressing the lifestyle changes, along with using aromatherapy, you could have life changing results. Lifestyle changes include eating whole foods and executing an exercise program that you can stick with. Then, start incorporating essential oils alongside these changes.

Let’s look at the emotional part of eating. Our sense of smell is very powerful, and this is where essential oils can begin to help with weight loss. There is quite a bit of research that has been done on the effects of essential oils and emotions. Each person is unique in how his or her life experiences affect eating.

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